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Empowering Today’s Patients to Help Tomorrow’s


PodBean: As Johnson & Johnson Chief Medical Officer, DIA 2019 Co-Chair Dr. Joanne Waldstreicher is responsible for the company’s collaborations in ethical science, technology, and R&D policies, including those related to clinical trial transparency and compassionate access. “When you ask people why they’re participating in a clinical trial, a big part of it is to benefit themselves, they might have a condition or a disease where they’re looking for a new treatment option,” she explains. “But a very large part of their motivation is to contribute to medical knowledge that will advance or help care for a future patient.”

Five deals reshaping the CDMO industry this year


BioPharma-Reporter: The major trend so far in 2019 is the willingness to deploy capital to expand services in the cell and gene therapy sector, and we outline the five most significant deals thus far. The financials of Lonza’s takeover Novartis Stein, Switzerland, facility were not released but the scale of the site, containing a fill-finish facility, laboratories, and office space, alongside utility and storage space, suggests a large-scale investment.

Novartis unloading sterile production facility to Lonza


FiercePharma: Novartis, looking to the future, has been shedding some of its manufacturing operations from the past. Some from the recent past. The drugmaker is selling to Lonza a clinical supply sterile manufacturing and fill-and-finish facility in Stein, Switzerland, that is only 10 years old, Lonza announced. The deal is slated to close within a few months. Lonza, which like Novartis is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, will take on the staff of the Novartis facility and will manufacture for Novartis the drug product currently produced there. The facility can handle liquid and lyophilized dosage forms for up to 200-L bulk volumes for clinical supply and commercial launch and has enough capacity for new clients, Lonza said.

Zillow launches retooled Zestimate that uses AI to analyze photographs and ‘see’ value in homes


Geekwire: Zillow may have paid $1 million to the winners of its Zillow Prize, a competition aimed at improving its long-running Zestimate, but it looks like some of the findings from the winning team are paying off for the home-valuation tool. The Seattle-based real-estate technology company announced Thursday that the new Zestimate is the “most sophisticated and accurate” version since it was launched in 2006. To get there, the company credits the use of real-time data as well as computer vision that was trained on millions of photographs of homes on Zillow.

These companies recognize employer performance best, report says


Fox Business: A new review of the corporate culture at 500 companies relied on anonymous employee reviews to rate different values at each workplace, including how well employees felt they were recognized for their performance. CultureX, which measures company cultures and identifies ways to improve, worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Glassdoor to analyze 1.2 million employee reviews posted on Glassdoor. Companies examined in the “Culture 500” report — which was published Monday — together employ 34 million people.

How CDMOs can support customers in China


CPhI: Gordon Bates, President of the Chemical Division, spoke at CPhI China on the role of multinational CDMOs in the rapidly developing Chinese pharmaceutical industry and market. China is quickly developing and evolving into a market for selling CDMO services. China-based innovators and generic companies alike are looking to external CDMOs as partners that can provide drug development solutions that can be quickly developed and moved to market.

Zillow Offers listings grow, surpassing Offerpad, gaining on Opendoor


Inman: It’s been a little more than a year since Zillow began buying homes directly from consumers for all-cash online and re-selling them, through its Zillow Offers service. But in that time, Zillow Offers has quickly expanded to nearly a dozen markets nationwide, and the number of homes it has listed for sale has risen rapidly, catching up to other major rival “iBuyers” and even exceeding them in some cases and markets.