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Facebook no longer the top place to work in America


CBS MoneyWatch:  A year ago, Facebook touted its ranking as the top employer in the U.S. by employment site Glassdoor. How things have changed in 2018. A year later, Facebook has slid to No. 7 on Glassdoor's annual ranking of employers, which is based on thousands of employee reviews of senior management, compensation and other workplace concerns. Several employers including In-And-Out Burger pulled ahead of the social media giant, Glassdoor said.

Here Are The Best Places To Work In Canada In 2019, According To Glassdoor


HuffPost Canada:  If your 2019 resolutions include getting a new job, you'll want to consider companies where the employees themselves are happy overall. Employer review site Glassdoor has released its list of the 25 best places to work in Canada, for businesses with 1,000 employees or more. The companies hail from a wide range of industries, including the retail, technology, health care, restaurant and finance sectors.

‘Colour is crucial’: Capsule choice more than a brand statement


in-PharmaTechnologist:  The colour of a capsule can play an important role in the safety of a product and provide consumers with intuitive information for dosage, according to Nicolas Madit of Lonza. It could be seen as a minor aspect of the drug development process, given the time and expense that goes into the discovery of a drug that is effective for a particular condition, bu thte choice of colour for the capsule or pill holds greater significance than first meets the eye.

Wages are rising fastest in these US cities


Fox Business:  As wages start to show signs of increasing, some workers are seeing changes faster than others. Median pay among U.S. workers was $52,746 in October, according to job search site Glassdoor, a 2.4 percent year-over-year increase. Workers in some occupations, like bank tellers, bartenders, maintenance workers and pharmacy technicians saw wage growth that outpaced their peers. Manufacturing workers also saw strong wage gains. But depending on where workers are located, they could experience bumps in their salaries more quickly.

Johnson & Johnson to open JLABS virtual networking pod in Philadelphia


FierceBiotech:  Johnson & Johnson is broadening access to its startup incubator program with a new remote networking hub called the JPOD, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. The university’s Pennovation Center in Philadelphia will allow for video conferencing between JLABS entrepreneurs and their J&J gurus across the company’s global network, including developers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and digital health technologies. “They already have the lab space—which JLABS normally provides—but they were very keen to partner with us on the additional things that are a part of being in JLABS, which is the mentoring, the investing hub and the programming,” said J&J’s Kate Merton.

Red pill or blue? It could be a billion-dollar decision


BioPharma Dive:  Drug manufacturers and marketers increasingly consider how color, whether in a logo, a campaign, or the drug itself, may best serve a patient's needs and elicit the emotions brand developers want to connect to the product. But introducing new colors can lead to costly delays. Nicolas Madit, Business Development Manager at Lonza Pharma & Biotech, describes how Lonza’s new Colorista technology uses special capsules that contain between 50 and 150 colorants, allowing clients to still meet regulatory guidelines while also proving flexibility to pharma companies and marketers.

Why Europe is ascendant in the pharmaceutical chemical business


Chemical & Engineering News:  The pharmaceutical service sector remains a global industry. But managers of contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) who convened in Madrid gave credence to the notion that the business of making custom APIs for new drugs has largely resettled with European firms. Lee Newton, Vice President of API Development and Manufacturing at Lonza, explains how Lonza is working to capitalize on the trend with a new program to offer intermediates made at its facility in Visp, Switzerland, to customers that in the past might have acquired them from farther afield.