Ludwig Cancer Research is an international collaborative network of acclaimed scientists that pioneers cancer research and landmark discovery. Since 1971, Ludwig has invested $2.7 billion in life-changing science through its not-for-profit Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and its six U.S.-based Ludwig Centers at leading medical centers.


Ludwig needed an integrated strategy to more effectively cross-share scientific research internally among its scientists and externally to key stakeholders in order to broaden its contribution to the cancer research dialogue.


> Reinvigorate the organization by opening up communication channels to connect and engage internal and external stakeholders, elevating its visibility as a premier cancer research institute

> Initiate internal communications programs to unite the community and bridge geographic and hierarchical gaps, including a quarterly webinar series with high-profile Ludwig researchers, a series of “lab chats” videos between the Scientific Director and post-docs and eLudwigNews featuring news coverage of Ludwig-led clinical research

> Encourage sharing of research by promoting clinical research findings to the media and the community

> Educate external stakeholders about groundbreaking research by conducting a series of one-on-one engagements between Ludwig cancer researchers and reporters at leading business and oncology trade outlets to share

> Revive relationships with influential cancer organizations amplifying Ludwig’s position as a sought-after cancer research institute


Over the past five years, Ludwig has become a leading voice in the cancer research dialogue. Highlights include:

> 300+ articles across more than 60 scientific trade publications, as well as mainstream and business media, including Wall Street Journal, Time, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes and the Huffington Post
> Deepened engagement with leading cancer organizations on social media and at conferences
> Op-eds in The Scientist, The Huffington Post and Chronicles of Philanthropy