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Jobs Site Glassdoor Snapped Up by Japanese Firm in $1.2 Billion Deal


The Wall Street Journal:  Online jobs portal Glassdoor Inc. said late Tuesday it agreed to be bought by Japan’s Recruit Holdings Co. for $1.2 billion in an all-cash deal, the latest in a string of overseas acquisitions by Japanese companies. Tokyo-based Recruit Holdings, a human-resources company, plans to operate privately held Glassdoor, which launched in 2008, as a separate part of its growing HR technology business segment, Glassdoor said in a news release. Aside from offering jobs and recruiting services, Glassdoor enables the posting of employee reviews of companies. “I look forward to leading Glassdoor through this exciting new chapter, and to exploring ways to use our combined resources and assets to benefit job seekers, employees and employers once the deal closes,” said Robert Hohman, Glassdoor’s chief executive and co-founder, in the release. Mr. Hohman will continue to lead the company following the deal, Mill Valley, Calif.-based Glassdoor said.

A Mean Flu Season Swings A Spotlight on Vaccines


IAVIReport: As this particularly severe flu season winds down in the Northern hemisphere, parents, doctors, and scientists are once again reminded just how serious this bug can be. Imagine it 50 million times worse. It was once so: this year marks the centennial anniversary of the H1N1 Spanish flu pandemic, which lasted from January 1918 to December 1920. That flu infected 500 million people and killed more people in a single year than in four years during the worst outbreak of the Plague. While public health officials are rattled by this flu season, they remain haunted by the specter of another pandemic. It is not a matter of if another pandemic will strike, but when, and how ready we can be.

How Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff Turned a Real Estate Site Into One Of The World's Hottest Mobile Apps


Forbes: When Spencer Rascoff, the CEO of Zillow Group, watched Steve Jobs reveal that Apple would allow outside apps to run on the iPhone, he rushed out of his office telling his team they needed to shift their entire strategy to mobile. A few years later, Jobs would show off the Zillow app onstage at the Worldwide Developer Conference. On this episode of The Forbes Interview podcast, hear why Rascoff bet the entire company on the iPhone, his strategy for turning Zillow into one of the most popular apps around, and learn about the latest trends in the trillion-dollar real estate biz.

Beyond staff satisfaction, Glassdoor ratings are correlated to company performance


Quartz at Work: New research shows that there’s a strong link between the rating a firm receives from current employees on review site Glassdoor and the group’s performance. The study “Employee Satisfaction and Corporate Performance in the UK” was conducted by Norwich Business School in East Anglia, UK and was commissioned by Glassdoor—one of the world’s largest recruitment sites. The results showed that companies which garnered a higher score by their current employees in terms of satisfaction achieved “superior profitability compared to those rated lower.” In fact, the return of a stock portfolio for the top 25% rated companies in the UK Glassdoor sample showed that over a four-year period, the group of companies earned significantly higher returns than expected, according to standard asset pricing models.

CMOs, CDMOs give company updates at DCAT Week: Acquisitions, expansions on all sides

2018-03-29 At DCAT Week, contract manufacturing and development companies from across the globe shared updates and news – from multi-million dollar investments to new business structures and areas of focus. Lonza had its best year in corporate history in 2017, said Joseph Colleluroi, vice president, commercial development, Lonza Pharma and Biotech. With the purchase of Capsugel, Lonza acquired 15 new sites and more than 3,500 new people. “All activities have now been brought into the fold,” said Colleluroi, adding that the company will continue to grow organically and through acquisitions.

Immunotherapy Raises the Stakes and Ovarian Cancer Blinks


GEN News: Unfortunately, the juiciest T cells often get lost in the shuffle. Either they don’t reach the bloodstream, where many T cells intended for cell-based immunotherapy are drawn, or they end up at the bottom of the tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) deck. Not content to play the hand they were dealt, scientists at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research decided that a little bottom dealing might be in order. “We developed a new methodology to identify highly reactive TILs and expand them in a manner that, rather than diluting the juiciest TILs, enriches them instead," said Alexandre Harari, Ph.D., a Ludwig Lausanne investigator and a co-leader of a new study that aims to improve personalized cancer immunotherapy. "This allowed us to compare the activity of TILs that target neoepitopes with their counterparts in the peripheral bloodstream."