Glassdoor, the world’s fastest-growing jobs and recruiting website, allows its users to anonymously submit their pay and view the pay of others in positions they are applying for.


Glassdoor was seeking to build visibility around the value of pay transparency to help bridge the gender pay gap.  The company had recently released research revealing that the gender pay gap is real and significant.


> Use the power of convening with high profile figures from a cross section of the nonprofit, private and public sectors – and scientific data analytics – to elevate the impact and reach of Glassdoor's research on the gender pay gap. 

To coincide with Equal Pay Day on April 12, 2016, Glassdoor hosted the Roundtable on Pay Equality, a one-hour discussion featuring Sec. Hillary Clinton, Glassdoor co-founder and CEO Robert Hohman, World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Megan Rapinoe and other leaders, to discuss issues related to pay equality and the gender pay gap. The event was moderated by Diane Brady (former Bloomberg Businessweek senior editor) and attended by 70+ print, online and broadcast media.


The discussion prompted more than 840 pieces of media content, including AP, Reuters, WSJ, Bloomberg, HuffPo, USA Today, Fortune, Forbes, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, Vogue and Cosmo. Highlights included MSNBC live coverage of the roundtable; Glassdoor’s CEO on CNBC’s “Mad Money” and an opinion editorial on Fortune.com.

In addition, there were 13K+ unique livestream views via Glassdoor.com, Yahoo Finance and New York Times, and 5K+ uses of the #ShareYourPay hashtag, which also trended in NY and DC.