Cristina Aby-Azar I Advisor

Cristina Aby-Azar is a Brazilian-American journalist and communications consultant with over 30 years of experience.

Raised in São Paulo, Cristina started her career in 1987 as a reporter and later editor covering the agribusiness sector for the Brazilian newspaper Gazeta Mercantil, then a reference in business and agriculture journalism. In that job, she traveled extensively throughout Brazil and other Mercosur countries visiting farms and commodities focused communities.

In 1997, Cristina was invited by The Wall Street Journal to move to New York City to lead a team of reporters and editors producing daily content for the Latin American audience in Spanish and Portuguese. During her 20 years in the job, she represented the newspaper at the Inter American Press Association, organized conferences and traveled extensively in Latin America, where she developed deep connections.

In 2017, Cristina decided to leave the newsrooms to start working as an independent communications consultant. She now lives with her husband in Bethel, an agricultural community Upstate New York.