The Associated Press (AP) is one of the world’s oldest and largest newsgathering operations. Thousands of news outlets subscribe to the AP for multiformat content that resonates with their target audiences.


How do you get more done with fewer resources? How do you use emerging digital tools to gather and report news? AP members and customers were increasingly challenged to compete in a fast-changing media landscape with more limited resources. The AP needed creative ways to drive visibility and reinforce the value of its offerings with members and customers. 


> Develop a platform to share AP's award-winning expertise and insights with its members as a tangible benefit of being part of the organization

AP launched an ongoing thought leadership webcast series available exclusively to its members and customers featuring AP’s global team of editors, reporters, videographers and photographers. The series focused on topics that matter most to members and customers and in the areas where AP has unique expertise and knowledge, such as elections, video and social media, user-generated content, and mobile. The webcasts enabled AP to demonstrate value to its members and customers beyond “what they pay for” and promoted dialogue about the benefits of working with the organization. 


AP held 14 webinars between 2011-2015. Post surveys consistently showed that 90-100% would recommend the webcasts, found it of value to their business and/or would participate again.